Cleaning Services Bondi & Sydney

We provide both commercial and residential sectors in Bondi, the Eastern Suburbs, & the Sydney CBD with a comprehensive range of high quality cleaning and maintenance solutions at competitive pricing.

Our business goals and social obligations as below:

  • We use cleaning products that are GOOD for YOU and good for our mother EARTH.
  • We provide HIGH QUALITY and Professionalism in all our services rated SECOND to NONE
  • We truly VALUE our relationship with you and endeavour to maintain them FOREVER
  • We can and always will help you with our up to the minute KNOWLEDGE within the industry
  • We charge for our services at AFFORDABLE rates making it easy on your wallet
  • We offer RE-CLEAN totally FREE of COST if you are not satisfied with the original clean.


We are constantly committed to providing a safe, healthy and secure working environment for all staff and associated personnel and ensure that we meet all WorkCover legal and ethical obligations.