Maintenance Services & Routine Cleaning

Maintenance Services

Ensuring that your home or workplace is clean is essential. It is a visual representation of your company as a clean and tidy workplace generates a good impression for guests. It is also better for operational efficiency and morale to have a clean work. Regular Maintenance Cleaning is not something most people have time for, they are too busy staying on top of the core business tasks. That is why it pays to get an expert cleaning company, one that will ensure that your space is tidy at all times. 


 We understand that each and every client has different needs which is why we take care to find out what you need and expect from our services. We then devise a maintenance cleaning schedule and worksheet to ensure that we are meeting the highest standards, working within your schedule. With Clean 4 Real you will get a tailored Maintenance Cleaning Service, one that fits perfectly.When you need your workplace clean you need it Clean 4 Real. We are the best maintenance services providers, with years of experience and an eye for detail. When you have Clean 4 Real on the job you get a cost effective, reliable and expert service.


Flexible Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Another key component of good maintenance is flexibility. You have a business to run, family to care for, and we understand how important it is that your cleaning services do not get in the way of this. We work around you to ensure that your place is clean and tidy and your business is never interrupted by our services. With Clean 4 Real, you get services that work with your work.

Residential Cleaning

Our Commercial Maintenance Services are second to none. We can do it all. We can clean any size office or workspace, from small to huge, providing tailored regular maintenance servicing. We will do everything from dusting to vacuuming, from rubbish removal to toilet cleaning. Whatever you want us to do we will do it. 


Because of our experience we are able to offer extremely cost effective services, our many years of Professional Cleaning mean that we are able to provide the best routine cleaning services at the best price. Call us today.


Additional Maintenance services we offer:

  • Minor Electrical Works
  • Gardening/ Minor Landscape Works
  • Air-conditioning Maintenance (Residential Only)